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Common Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e problems and how to fix them

It’s little wonder the Samsung Galaxy S10 range has proved so popular since its release in spring 2019. Comprising three models, the Galaxy S10 range boasts a hole-punch display, powerful hardware, and some outstandingly versatile camera tech.

But like all things in life, it’s not perfect. Whether you’re rocking the Samsung Galaxy S10, the super-sized Galaxy S10 Plus, or the cheaper (but still great) Galaxy S10e, you’re likely to come across some problems and issues that make life with your chosen partner a little harder to handle. But don’t worry, there are solutions to most issues, and we’re here to dig them out so you can stop pulling your hair out. Here are some of the most common Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e problems, and how to fix them.

Issue: Apps crash or Force Close

A big issue that has plagued Galaxy S10 owners since launch has been a certain instability where apps are concerned. It seems that apps are prone to crashing or throwing up a Force Close error. This has happened with a big range of apps, and has even been reported after the Android 11 update. This isn’t just an issue with the Galaxy S10, and other Galaxy smartphones have also showcased this error.


  • One Reddit user claims resetting his app preferences worked for him. Head to Settings > Apps, then tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and tap Reset App Preferences.
  • Other users have reported updating to a new version of Android has fixed these problems. Head to Settings > Software Update > Download and Install to check if there are any updates for your smartphone.
  • Another known fix for apps crashing is to ensure you’re on the latest version of Android System Webview. Check in the Play store that you’re running the most recent version, or update it then restart your device once the update has completed.
  • Finally, one user discovered missing data was the culprit behind a specific app’s crashes, and clearing the app’s data helped to reset it to a working state. If you’re finding a single app seems to be having troubles, try clearing its data or uninstalling and reinstalling it. Head to Settings > Apps, find the specific app and tap it, and then select Storage > Clear Data or Uninstall.

Problem: Trouble with fingerprint reader

It seems some S10 users have reported issues with the device’s fingerprint reader, according to threads on the XDA Developers forum. Users are receiving error messages asking them to press harder on the reader, with some complaining that it only works around 20% of the time.


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem there’s a quick fix for this. Issues with the fingerprint reader were apparently addressed in updates, but if you’re still experiencing problems, try removing your screen protector and see if it solves the issue.
  • You may want to try scanning a few different fingers to see which works best for you. Many users have reported success with a full thumbprint — and make sure you center your thumb on the sensor, rather than scanning it from the side.
  • It’s also worth unticking the screen sensitivity button, which you’ll find by going to Settings > Display > Touch Sensitivity Switch.
  • Alternatively, you may want to return your phone to the manufacturer for a repair or replacement.

Issue: Bluetooth connection disappears while the screen is off

A dropped Bluetooth connection can be extremely annoying, especially if it disappears while you’re using Bluetooth headphones or when you’re listening to songs in the car. Unfortunately, a number of S10 users are complaining that their phones are dumping their Bluetooth connections while they’re being used, interrupting songs, podcasts, and phone calls.

Most people are finding that while Bluetooth connects fine initially, it disconnects randomly while the screen is off, only to reconnect again once the phone is woken up.


  • The problem appears to stem from the phone’s app optimization settings putting apps to sleep while the screen is off, regardless of whether it’s being used or not.
  • If your problem is with a specific app like Spotify, you can turn off optimization just for that app. To do this, head to Settings > Apps, then hit the three dots in the top-right and select Special AccessOptimize Battery Usage. Make sure the drop-down box at the top says All, then scroll down and untick Spotify or whatever app you’re using.
  • If your problem is with the Bluetooth connection in your car, then go through the above method and untick Bluetooth battery management from the Optimize Battery Usage list.

Problem: Weak LTE connection

5G may be the new hotness, but 4G is still the best network for most users. Which makes it even more annoying when it doesn’t work. Quite a few users are reporting their Galaxy S10 Plus has a weak 4G connection and is loading webpages and other content extremely slowly, while swapping between 4G and 3G. But it’s not just an issue with the S10 Plus, as users with the Galaxy S10 have reported the issue too.

One common thread seems to be that most of the devices are using Sprint’s network, though there are complaints from other countries, so it may not be entirely related to your carrier.


  • Sadly, this issue has been around since the S10’s range was released, and users are still reporting problems despite the release of a software update from Samsung that was meant to solve things. To manually check for any updates, head to Settings > Software Update > Download and Install.
  • If the latest updates don’t make a difference, it may be worth speaking to your carrier to see if they can resolve things for you.
  • However, there were still people complaining about this issue in April of 2020, so it could well still be a widespread issue. If it’s really bothering you, maybe consider upgrading to a new phone. Check out our list of the best Samsung phones, or the best smartphones (if you fancy a change).

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Issue: Poor battery life

With considerably larger batteries than previous S-range flagships, the new Galaxy S10 range boasts much-improved battery life. However, threads on the XDA Developers forum suggest some users are experiencing battery drain even when they’re not using their phones, with some phones losing 30 percent of their charge when left overnight. This problem mostly affects the Samsung Exynos chip-equipped versions of the S10 range, which is most phones outside of the U.S. While the Exynos chips have traditionally seen worse battery performance than their American counterparts, this problem is far too extreme to be a simple difference between processors.

It seems the problem may well be two problems. The first is an issue with the phone’s proximity sensors, which means the phone’s screen accidentally turns on while in a pocket or bag, increasing load on the battery. The second issue is a bug that prevents the phone’s battery-saving sleep feature from kicking in after the phone has completed a VoIP call on apps like Skype or WhatsApp. This second bug has been confirmed to only be affecting Exynos S10 phones.

At the moment, there is no solution for either bug that can fix the problem entirely. Fortunately, there are a couple of workarounds you can try for both to help improve performance on your device.


  • To prevent the proximity sensor bug from affecting you, it’s best to turn off your Always On Display and Lift to Wake.
    • Head to Settings > Lock Screen, and untick Always On Display.
    • Then go to Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures, and untick Lift to Wake.
  • Fixing the far worse VoIP bug involves nothing as permanent. You have to restart your phone after every VoIP call to clear the bug and allow the deep sleep mode to kick in.
    • Alternatively, you could just avoid such services, but considering it includes voice messages on apps like Facebook Messenger, that could be a little tricky.
  • Check out our list of tips to save battery life, or, if your phone’s battery is just getting older, consider replacing it.

Problem: Overheating

When Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 received a fiery reputation for its malfunctioning batteries, many people began paying closer attention to the temperature of their devices too. Samsung has addressed and fixed its issues with incendiary batteries; However, tech consumers have still been left wondering whether their smartphone is at a “normal” heat level or not. Understandably, no one wants their smartphone to go up in flames.

To clear up some confusion— it’s normal to reach for smartphones, tablets, and laptops and notice that they’re warm to the touch. That’s a generally standard response. However, Samsung’s fiery problem became a recurring issue for the company; If your device is hot a lot or catches fire, that is not normal. Samsung has experienced overheating issues with several of its devices, including the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e. The majority of users facing this issue experience minor problems. However, some people have faced severe technical problems, like their phones rapidly warming and completely depleting the battery.


  • Some users have reported updating to Android 11 has fixed their overheating issues. Make sure you’re updated by going to Settings > Software Update > Download and Install.
  • There are a couple of easy fixes to prevent overheating; keep your device away from environmental factors that may cause the temperature to rise. For example, try to leave it out of the path of direct sunlight and don’t let it sit in a sweltering vehicle.
  • Give your phone a bit of relief by opting to run fewer apps simultaneously. You can also turn your phone’s display brightness down a bit. With these actions, if you’re still noticing severe overheating, call Samsung or your provider about receiving a replacement phone.
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