Conan O’Brien celebrates the iPhone 6 launch by mocking Acer

Acer Keynote Conan

Conan O’Brien is no stranger to mocking, well, just about everything; but the world of technology is a particular favorite. However, this week’s high profile Apple event saw the talk show host take a swipe not at the Cupertino firm, but at Acer instead. What has poor Acer done to deserve this, you may ask? Apparently, Conan doesn’t think Acer can muster up the same budget as Apple for the launch of its new product.

In Conan’s world, Acer holds its product launches in a Best Western hotel in Palm Beach, where it shares equal billing with a ventriloquists convention. Music is played on a small, 90s style personal stereo, visual effects don’t get more impressive than a confetti cannon, and attendance doesn’t quite reach double figures. The quips keep on coming, as new features on the Aspire X7 laptop include a cassette deck, a pill dispenser, and a hotkey for accessing your AOL email account.

You can check out the video for yourself below.

We’re not sure Acer really deserves this, and having attended the firm’s recent IFA press conference, I can assure you that thankfully, it did not end with a rubbish Insane Clown Posse tribute. The event did reveal the Aspire R13 though, which we really quite liked, along with a selection of new tablets. You may also have heard Apple revealed a few new products this week, and you can read all about the iPhone 6, the 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch here.