Condom-packing Playa Case for iPhone: True protection for your 3.5-inch device


Australia-based Annex Products debuted today its latest case for the iPhone 4/4S — and it packs a special surprise. Dubbed the Playa Case, this $30 Polycarbonate iPhone protector has a special slide-down back where owners can discretely store two condoms. Classy…

Yes, we understand the good intentions here. After all, making sure you’re carrying protection for those moments of spontaneous passion is a wise life-choice, and respectful to whomever you might happen to, um, bump into. And we’ll even admit that there aren’t many good ways to carry around condoms that don’t in some way risk damaging their vital structural integrity. Unfortunately, the Playa Case is far from an improvement, for a variety of reasons.

First, one of the primary reasons condoms break is because of heat, which dries them out. This is why carrying one around in your wallet for extended periods of time is a bad idea. And as anyone with an iPhone 4 or 4S knows, the phone can often get quite warm, even hot at times. So it’s hard to believe that keeping your  rubbers stored in an enclosed compartment that’s right next to the back of the phone, which is probably in your pocket most of the day, is a good idea. Perhaps “Baby Daddy Case” would have been a more fitting name…

Second — and this is merely a theory — we’re pretty sure that buying a $30 iPhone case entirely for the purpose of carrying around condoms will be seen as a turn-off to any female who might discover this fact. Of course, there are probably worse ways to reveal that you’re either a) a classless jackass, or b) a virgin who has absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

Now, some of you might still be onboard with this shipwreck. So if you need some more convincing, we suggest you watch Annex Products’ promo video for the Playa Case (below), which does an incredible job of convincing us just how little action you’re going to get when packing one of these hard-shell protectors. Enjoy.