Confident Nokia uses the 808 PureView to shoot its own promo video

Nokia 808 PureView VideoThe Nokia 808 PureView was one of the standout devices launched during Mobile World Congress this year, thanks mainly to that headline-grabbing 41-megapixel camera mounted on the rear of its chassis.

Since its announcement at the show, much has been written about it, from just how good the camera really is, to speculation on when the same technology will make it onto Nokia’s Windows Phone devices.

We’re also still waiting for a release date, and while Nokia has yet to provide it to us, it’s definitely getting closer, as they’ve just released a new video advertising the 808 PureView.

Instead of being shot in a studio with an unnamed camera, it has been made using the 808 itself, combining both stills and video footage to emphasize the camera phone’s capabilities.

What makes the 808’s shots standout is the ability to zoom in and reveal a high-level of detail, something which is ably demonstrated in the film, along with its 1080p video recording and digital microphone for distortion-free audio recordings. The video also shows features such as DLNA sharing and the NFC chip in action.

This isn’t the first time Nokia has used one of its always-impressive camera phones to create its own video advertisement, as in 2010 it made a short film called The Commuter using the N8. With roles given out to competition winners, it also starred Dev Patel, Charles Dance and even Pamela Anderson.

You can see the compelling advert for the 808’s abilities below, but before you decide it’s the device for you, consider the prices that have been associated with it so far. UK online retailer Clove has it up as a pre-order for a hefty £538, which converts over to $866 — and no matter how good the camera may be, that’s a very big number for a Symbian device.