Confusion With Digital TV In Mobile Phones

“Work is currently proceeding in parallel on two major issues related to the broadcasting service. The first is a review of the C Profile, the spec for mobile telephony included within the TR-B14 operation standard for terrestrial digital TV broadcasting, while the second is an investigation into whether or not to use scrambling for mobile phone broadcasts (see Fig). These efforts are being handled, respectively, by the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) of Japan and The Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting (D-PA) of Japan. A standard was released for the C Profile in 2002, but strong opposition by mobile phone operators to the data broadcasting specifications condemned it to the status of a provisional standard. “

Sources have claimed that the standardization process needed to be hammered out by September of this year, but that date has come and gone. Another issue that needs to be decided is how the signal will be scrambled for non-subscribers.

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