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The Connected Sleeve is the prettiest wireless phone charger you may ever see

It’s not enough to go cordless when it comes to charging your phone — these days, you’ve also gotta go stylish. And at the intersection of smart technology and suave design sits the Connected Sleeve from De Rigeur, a new wireless smartphone charger that is as a beautiful as it is functional. Handcrafted with high-quality leather, the Connected Sleeve is the latest in a burgeoning trend of tech devices that refuse to sacrifice aesthetics in favor of technical abilities.

As per the Connected Sleeve’s Kickstarter campaign, which has already raised an impressive $19,354 from 178 backers, the wireless charger is the “most elegant and useful embedded” device for your smartphone. Combining French craftsmanship, luxurious Italian full-grain calfskin, and international technology, the Connected Sleeve will let you face any challenge, smartphone-related or otherwise, with elegance.

While some wireless chargers are only compatible with certain smartphones, the Connected Sleeve will re-juice your iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, or LG phone with ease — discrimination is not in this device’s vocabulary.

The truly ingenious aspect of the Connected Sleeve lies in its versatility. To charge your dying smartphone, you can either slide it into the sleeve, whereupon it’ll wirelessly connect and start providing power via electromagnetic induction within 10 seconds, or you can set it atop the sleeve and use it as a wireless charging pad. That way, if you have to take a peek at your notifications, your phone is handily available.

And if those two methods aren’t enough for you, you can also use the USB port that doubles discreetly as an elastomer clasp. Just plug the sleeve directly into your computer or the wall, and you’ll be able to charge your phone faster than you would with any traditional device.

But what happens when your charger needs to be charged itself? Never fear! Use the De Riguer app to check the power level of the Connected Sleeve, and proceed as needed.

Currently, you can pre-order a Connected Sleeve for $141, or half off market price. Or, if you’re really into the project and want to help the team reach their $54,000 goal, you can purchase the Dream Pack for $5,460, which not only includes two Connected Sleeves, but also a premium dinner with the creators of the device at the Eiffel Tower. Romance, my friends, is not dead.

So if you’re looking for a new case or charger, the Connected Sleeve may be for you.

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