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Verizon to give away free stuff on a holiday it just made up: Connection Day

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The holidays make people do crazy things. People come to blows in the aisles of Walmart, literally stomp on each other in a race over a stuffed animal, and shopping on Thanksgiving? That’s a special kind of crazy. For others, however, the holidays bring on a spirit of goodwill and generosity. Would you believe Verizon seems to be leaning toward the latter? It may sound off, but Verizon this year is giving stuff away as part of its own small holiday: Connection Day.

Connection Day, which takes place on November 26, nets interested parties free music and apps from Amazon, as well as a seven-day subscription to Pandora One, Pandora’s premium offering that removes ads. Verizon will also offer two free books through Audible, as well as special digital offers through iTunes, though the giveaway page doesn’t say what those offers are.

In addition to these giveaways, Verizon is also partnering with Gogo and Boingo to offer free Wi-Fi at airports and flights. However, free in-flight Gogo Wi-Fi is restricted to 30 minutes, while the free airport Wi-Fi varies by airport.

Verizon is offering Connection Day to anyone interested in the giveaways, not just Verizon customers. If you are a Verizon customer, however, Big Red has a special gift, though it failed to state what that gift is.

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