No Internet? No problem. Cosmos for Android displays sites over SMS texting

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Especially in emerging markets, an Internet connection can be hard to find. As such, the Cosmos Browser for Android is nothing short of a miracle, as the app lets you essentially browse the Web using SMS.

The app, created in 36 hours by four students during the MHacks IV hackathon on September 6, presents you with a text-only, image-free version of the website you want to visit. The students created a backend system built with Twilio and Node.JS, which receives the URL of the page you requested. The system then strips the web page of its images, CSS, and JavaScript, compresses the page, and finally sends the web page back to you by SMS at a rate of three messages per second.


As likely expected out of such a service, you’ll need an unlimited texting plan. In addition, just remember that receiving websites through SMS isn’t the fastest experience in town. Even so, Cosmos could be a boon for those in regions lacking LTE or 3G coverage. While the app is expected to launch before the end of September, the app’s developers are working on a way to include images in future versions of Cosmos.

You can take a look at the app’s codes at GitHub, where the developers will provide those interested with updates on the project’s progress.

[Image courtesy of Kostenko Maxim/Shutterstock]