Creative hits the road with portable audio

Now it’s as simple as connecting to a USB port for any PC user to upgrade from motherboard audio to premium-quality audio for listening to MP3 music or creating MP3 or WMA music from compact discs.The compact, portable Sound Blaster MP3+, slated for availability this month, is priced at only US$59.99 and the Sound Blaster Go! is priced at US$79.99 and is slated for availability in July.

“With more than 200 million sound cards sold, Sound Blaster is the world’s most recognized PC audio brand,” said Creative Labs President Craig McHugh. “With the new Sound Blaster MP3+ and SoundBlaster Go!, nobody has to tolerate poor-sounding audio any longer. Just because you have a notebook PC or a desktop PC with motherboard audio, you shouldn’t have to be deprived of Sound Blasteraudio quality. Now every PC and notebook user can hook up a portable Sound Blaster in one easy step and listen to great-sounding music.”

The lightweight, compact Sound Blaster MP3+ and Sound Blaster Go! are smaller than a typical PDA yet offer a large set of connectivity options, including optical digital input and output plus analoginputs and outputs that include Line-In, Line-Out, microphone input and a headphone jack with volume control. A removable clip also enables convenient attachment to a back of a notebookdisplay.

The Sound Blaster Go! includes high-quality noise cancellation headphones that enable optimal music enjoyment in noisy surroundings. Easily connected by USB, the Sound Blaster MP3+ and Sound BlasterGo! transform any notebook or desktop PC into a premium stereo system. In addition to Bass Boost and a 10-band graphic equalizer to dramatically enhance the MP3 listening experience, the SoundBlaster MP3+ and the Sound Blaster Go! include Creative MediaSourceâ„¢, a full MP3 and WMA creation and management application with a host of music enhancement features:

Bass Boost and Noise Removal features enable PC users to improve the audio playback quality of MP3 music;
10-band graphic equalizer with audio presets enables customization of music playback environments to match specific genres;
SVMâ„¢ (Smart Volume Management) matches volume variations across MP3 tracks so no adjustment is needed during playback;
Audio Clean-up removes pops and clicks from MP3 and WAV files or recorded material from vinyl records or cassettes;
CMSS® 3D (Creative Multi-Speaker Surround) spatializes audio through stereo speakers or headphones.

Pricing and Availability
The Sound Blaster MP3+ has an estimated street price of US$59.99 and is slated for availability this month; and the Sound Blaster Go! has an estimated street price of US$79.99 and is slated foravailability in July. For more information visit