PureView pioneer Damian Dinning announces his departure from Nokia

Damian DinningThe name Damian Dinning may not be instantly recognizable to everyone, but when you learn he has spent the last nine years working on Nokia’s Nseries smartphones, ending up as the Lead Program Manager for Nokia’s Imaging Experience division, it’ll give you an idea of his contribution to the mobile industry.

This weekend, Dinning announced that he is parting ways with Nokia, after the company began to transfer its executive team from the UK to its headquarters in Finland — a move which Dinning and his family decided not to undertake.

Dinning has played an instrumental part in creating Nokia’s industry leading camera phone technology, having worked on the now-legendary Nokia N8 and more recently, the stunning 808 PureView and the Lumia 920. While there is a whole team at work on these and future devices, there’s no doubt Dinning’s passion for photography will be missed.

He told PureViewClub.com that he always wanted to take photography and make it “a part of everyday life,” and working for Nokia “gave [him] exactly that opportunity.” He’s upbeat about the company’s future plans too, saying “I feel confident you’re going to really love what they’re working on,” and stating that he has been “directly involved” with the mystery products.

We’ll probably never know whether his decision to leave is entirely down to Nokia’s restructuring, or if the company’s poor performance, or even the Lumia 920’s launch debacle played a part. It’s interesting however, that Dinning isn’t joining a rival smartphone team, and is instead heading to Jaguar Land Rover, where he’ll be working on its Connected Car project.

This means he’ll be working in part on tighter integration between the car and the smartphone, right down to individual apps. Apparently his passion for cars is the same as that for photography, so we could see great things from future in-car entertainment systems in Jaguars and Range Rovers.

He’ll leave Nokia on November 30, and will join Jaguar Land Rover on December 10.