Delta improves facilities for tech-savvy travelers, adds more recharging stations

delta improves facilities for travelers adds more recharging stations airport lounge

With more and more airlines waking up to the realization that a connected passenger is more often than not a happy passenger, amenities at airports and on aircraft to help facilitate the requirement are on the increase.

Delta Airlines has announced plans to roll out more recharging stations at its branded airport gates around the US, as well as at its first international location at Narita airport in Tokyo, enabling passengers to use their laptop, smartphone – or whatever gadget they happen to own – prior to boarding the plane, without having to worry about draining the battery. It also means they can board the plane with a fully juiced up device.

The new recharging stations, featuring standard 110-volt outlets and USB ports, will be introduced before the end of the year at the following airports: Anchorage, Alaska; Austin, Texas; Denver; Dallas/Ft. Worth; Houston Intercontinental; Kansas City, Mo.; Milwaukee, Wis.; New Orleans; Ontario, Calif.; Philadelphia; Phoenix; and Syracuse, NY. Delta already has such stations installed at 20 other airports across the country.

Speaking about the new facilities, airline representative Wayne Aaron said in a statement, “Customers today are savvy travelers who bring their smartphones, computers and tablets with them. Providing a power source they can use before they get on a long flight helps them do what they need to do in the air, whether for work or pleasure.”


A couple of months ago, Delta announced plans to introduce in-flight Internet on its fleet of more than 150 international aircraft in early 2013. The airline claims to already operate the world’s largest Wi-Fi-equipped fleet of passenger planes with more than 3,000 flights daily, including its entire fleet of 550 domestic aircraft.

Like many others airlines, Delta has its own Facebook page, Twitter account and smartphone app that allows you to check in, change seats and track your luggage, among other things.

It’s also thought that Delta will support Passbook, a new app coming as part of Apple’s soon-to-launch iOS 6, which acts as a repository for tickets and coupons, and should help to make the sometimes stressful airport experience a little less aggravating.

[Image: Michael Jung / Shutterstock]