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Bigger iPhone in 2013? Never mind! Digitimes retracts claim of bigger-screened device in 2013

DigiTimes broke the news about two weeks ago that their sources indicated Apple was building an iPhone with a bigger 5-inch screen, and lower price for 2013. The device, intended for emerging markets, seemed a little bizarre based on Apple’s trends, and it looks like DigiTimes has retracted its previous report, saying instead that a bigger iPhone is on the way, but not for 2013.

The latest report from the Taiwan-based publication predicts two, not three, iPhone devices to be released in 2013. The two iPhones, both 4-inches in size, are expected to be the iPhone 5S, and a rehashed iPhone 5 with a plastic shell and possibly even a lower price too. This report originally called for three devices, one of which to be a larger “Phablet” to compete against devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note II in the coming year.

As for this 5-inch iPhone “Phablet”, DigiTimes has stated in its updated report that “Apple is indeed developing a larger iPhone, but that it will not be among the devices launched this year.” Despite this, users can still see what some think the new iPhone, named by fans the “iPhone Math”, might look like if Apple were really building it.

At the Q1 earnings report on Wednesday, CEO of Apple Tim Cook dispelled rumors of larger iPhone in the works, saying that Apple “puts a lot of thinking into screen size and we have found the right point.” Cook also defended the iPhone 5, saying it has “the most advanced display in the industry,” and “offers a larger screen size without sacrificing ease of use” with respect to the iPhone 4S and other previous iPhones. As for whether or not the DigiTimes’ rumors for a future iPhone “Math” are true, that is up for you to decide.

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