Disney Developing “Pirates” Mobile Game

mDisney, the mobile publishing arm for the Walt Disney Internet Group, today said they were debuting a real-time multiplayer game on mobile phones based on the Pirates of the Caribbean move franchise. Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplayer, which will officially be open to the public in timing with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest this summer, is currently open for beta testing.

Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplayer, said mDisney, will be one of the first “large-scale, cross-carrier, real-time” multiplayer mobile action games. The game, being developed in conjunction with Floodgate Entertainment, will permit up to 16 players to engage in individual game sessions. Players will be able to chat with other players, make friends and form guilds of hundreds of players on the game’s server, which can reportedly accommodate tens of thousands of simultaneous players.

“The Pirates of the Caribbean mobile multiplayer game combines the best of our experience in the MMP and mobile genres, to extend the excitement, action and adventure of this popular franchise to the third screen,” said Larry Shapiro, executive vice president, business development and operations, Walt Disney Internet Group, in a statement. “Not only is it one of first games to bring an action adventure and real-time multiplayer experience to mobile handsets, it also allows players to interact across multiple carriers. This is an exciting new universe that we believe will provide mobile gamers with month after month of entertaining, high-quality game play anytime, anywhere.”