Disposable wireless phone come to Europe

Hop-On, the leading developer of disposable and recyclable cell phones, joins 768 members from 55 countries worldwide as a member of the organization whose mission is to produce the European GSMtelecommunications standards. Flextronics will manufacture the Company’s GSM phones.

Based in Sophia Antipolis, south of France, ETSI unites 768 members from 55 countries worldwide, and represents administrations, network operators, manufacturers, service providers, research bodiesand users.

ETSI plays a major role in developing a wide range of GSM standards and other technical documentation as Europe’s contribution to worldwide standardization in telecoms, broadcasting and information technology. ETSI’s prime objective is to support global harmonization by providing a forum in which all the key players can contribute actively. ETSI is officially recognized by the European Commission and the EFTA secretariat.

Peter Michaels, Chairman and CEO of Hop-On, commented, “Separate from our CDMA phone, we have been developing a GSM phone for various markets globally. ETSI’s approval of Hop-On’s application for membership gives us the opportunity to work more closely with other member companies to explore alliance opportunities and license essential GSM patents according to ETSI’s Rules of Procedure that bind members to grant such licenses on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.”