Challenge your friends to a doodle duel with the first Facebook Messenger game

doodle draw facebook messenger game challenge your friends to a duel with the first
Facebook Messenger already gives users the ability to make video calls, share photos, audio, text, GIFs, and more with friends, and now it can officially play games, too. It was just last month that Ilya Sukhar, an executive at Facebook leading the product side for Messenger’s platform, confirmed that Facebook was looking to add games to Messenger, and now the games have begun.

In early June, the Doodle Draw Game became the first game available on the messaging platform. Until now, the only application that came close to a game in Messenger was Talking Tom, which lets users picks their own animated avatar to deliver a fun video message.

Similar to Draw Something, Doodle Draw Game suggests something to draw, and after your draw it onto your screen, it will then send to the friend you’re messaging. If your friend guesses what you drew, you will both get points. While the game isn’t something new, the key is that it’s fun to doodle with friends, and it will do well on Facebook Messenger.

As TechCrunch noted, there are some worrying aspects to Doodle Draw Game, though. Namely, that players earn points by getting friends to play the game. That might result in players spamming their contacts with requests like the already do on Facebook.

As of right now, Messenger, which has more than 600 million users, has been somewhat ad free. Hopefully, Facebook will do what it can to control the spam on Messenger. If Facebook keeps adding social games to its messaging app, it would be a great way to keep users coming back to Messenger.

You can download the Doodle Draw Game for Messenger from both the App Store and Google Play store, or get it from the more tab, which is in Messenger.