Download Music To Your Cell Phone In The UK

From the press release:

Through its relationship with these carriers, Chaoticom’s service is now available to some 20 million mobile phone customers in a growing number of European countries. Using Chaoticom’s direct-to-mobile music download service, customers of these carriers can now browse, preview and download full music tracks, master-recorded ring tunes and wallpaper directly to their mobile phones. Subscribers can listen to their music without interfering with incoming call reception or other calling services.

“We are thrilled by the tremendous momentum we are gaining in the market,” said Bathsheba J. Malsheen, president and CEO, Chaoticom. “Working with these carriers, we are quickly spreading the industry’s first and most complete mobile music solution across Europe.”

With these partnerships in place, Chaoticom’s solution is now spreading throughout Europe beginning in the Czech Republic and moving on to the mobile community in the UK and Norway.

Delivering Full-Length Music Tracks from Major Labels

Unlike competitive offerings that sell extended previews of music tracks, customers of the services powered by Chaoticom can buy original, full-length tracks delivered directly to their mobile phones. The Chaoticom services are delivered over-the-air without the need for any additional specialized hardware required by some services. Customers can download and store hundreds of songs.

These advanced capabilities are made possible through Chaoticom’s innovative KOZ technology. In addition to delivering the industry’s smallest file size, KOZ consumes significantly less battery power and requires less processing power than any other solution available on the market today. This fast music download delivers a high-quality listening experience that begins playing music within seconds.

“Using our mobile music technology, customers can enjoy full-length songs anytime, anywhere,” said Malsheen. “Customers can turn their mobile phones into their own personal jukeboxes, without compromising the quality of other phone services.”

In addition, Chaoticom has signed deals with major record labels, such as BMG, Warner, Sony and others, to provide customers with a vast range of songs for downloading. The list of available tracks is continually updated to provide customers with latest releases and a wide array of song choices. The partnerships with these labels translate to an ever-increasing mobile music selection with exclusive pre-release singles.

Supporting Wide Range of Handsets

While many mobile music solutions require upgrades to existing phones or the addition of peripheral devices, the Chaoticom solution supports more than 15 existing handset models. Moreover, because no external device or additional hardware is needed, many customers can begin taking advantage of the mobile music capability immediately.