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Droid 3 spec rumors surface

droid3To the delight of Droid X fans everywhere, the Droid X2 will land in stores this week. Now, we don’t expect news of a Droid 3 leak to overshadow the Droid X2’s launch in the slightest, but it’s still worth noting for Android loyalists who can’t get enough of the brand and their mega-sized screens.

“Leaked” photos of the Droid 3 allegedly surfaced over on Howard Forums a week ago, revealing a slideout QWERTY keyboard with the minor adjustment from the original of including five rows instead of four (meaning there are now dedicated numerical buttons). Otherwise, the phone looks largely similar to the Droid 2. But over the weekend, TechnoBuffalo was able to come up with some details on what’s going on under the hood. “Thanks to a reliable tipster with a history of providing us with confirmed information,” the site says the Droid 3 boasts a 4-inch qHD (quarter HD) and a dual-core processor, most likely a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor or “potentially” a Texas Instruments OMAP processor.

The device will have an HDMI output, a front-facing camera, and rear-facing 8-megapixel camera. LTE support is highly unlikely – a strange choice considering the progress Verizon’s been steadily making on expanding this technology – but it should be available sometime next month.

The Droid 2 was marketed as a GSM-capable business-class handset, and while it was a popular device, the more efficient touchscreen and improved power will undoubtedly make it more attractive to its serious users. The choice to not make the phone LTE-equipped eludes us, however. Otherwise, it sounds like the Droid 3 is shaping up to be an impressive addition to the line.

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is only $99 during Walmart’s huge sale
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, worn on a wrist.

We see smartwatch deals all the time, but there are certain offers that still floor us! One of these was discovered just this week, and it pertains to the incredible Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. As part of the massive Walmart Deals sales event, you’ll be able to purchase the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for only $99. Normally priced at $285, you’ll save $186, which you can put toward a nice gift for someone you love (or yourself). 

Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
Samsung Galaxy smartwatches have long been championed for their sleek and cool-looking designs, and the Watch 4 is no exception. The stainless steel bezeling is a brilliant companion to the band’s darker coloring, allowing the Watch 4 to go with just about any outfit. And with the tough Gorilla Glass display, this smartwatch is primed for most accidental drops or dings. Speaking of screen: The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is equipped with a bright and colorful Super AMOLED watch face. Indoors or outdoors, you should have zero issue seeing the notifications, messages, and metrics that matter most. 

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Save up to $1,300 when you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6
Samsung's unboxing of the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

If you're a deals-conscious buyer, then you've noticed that the overall deals landscape has gotten pretty intense and somewhat confusing. Naturally, it is a result of the upcoming onslaught of Prime Day deals. But there's also new stuff coming out worthy of your attention. At Samsung Unpacked, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 — a follow up of the well-received Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 — was announced. Now, you can pre-order it (it's coming out officially on the 24th) for around $700 after approximately $1,300 in savings and discounts. Check out the phone and offer for yourself via the Samsung store by tapping the button below. But, should you want to see our hands-on look at the phone, its full details, and our reasoning for how you can save $700, keep on reading.

Why you should pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 is an absolutely beautiful phone with dual displays. Both displays are AMOLED and refresh at 120Hz, providing for smooth entertainment and transitions. While the cover display is 6.3 inches at an HD+ resolution, the larger main display is a full 7.6 inches and has a QXGA+ resolution (that's 2160 x 1856p). And don't fear, this folding phone stays slim despite all the digital surfaces. When unfolded it is just 5.6mm in width, or less than a quarter of an inch. See our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 explainer for all the stats, updates, and design notes.

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Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 come with a pen or stylus?
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The Galaxy Z Fold has long been Samsung's poster child for "on-the-go productivity." Apart from its communicator-like design, the Galaxy Z Fold's large landscape makes it a multifunctional device that serves both as a phone and a tablet. The phone also supports input via stylus — more specifically, the S Pen — which enhances productivity for creatives and executives alike.

Like older phones in the series, the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 also supports the S Pen. Since Samsung bundles an S Pen along with some of its devices, such as the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Galaxy Tab S series, it begs the question: Does the Galaxy Z Fold 6 include an S Pen in the box? We'll answer that question below!
Does the Galaxy Z Fold 6 come with a pen or stylus?

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