Dropbox is working on a new note-taking app

dropbox note taking app icon
With so many ways to store your files and get productive on the Web — from Google Drive to iWork for iCloud — Dropbox can’t afford to stand still. One of the areas in which the comparable offerings from Google, Apple and Microsoft have the edge over Dropbox is in productivity software, but that might be about to change judging by a new app that’s leaked online this weekend.

It’s called Composer, unofficially at least, and was discovered by a Product Hunt user who posted details on the Web. For the time being it looks like the service is running in a very limited capacity, with most users unable to access it, but those who have seen the full interface say it’s a clean and simple note-taking service like Evernote or Google Keep.

With no official word from Dropbox and access limited to the app right now, details of what it is and what it can do are pretty thin on the ground. Nevertheless, if this does turn into a fully fledged app from Dropbox, then it shows the company is determined to move beyond file backup and sync into other areas. Evernote would seem to be the inspiration for Composer but we’ll have to wait and see exactly what features are on offer.

One of Dropbox’s most recent innovations was the launch of a Badge service that enables users to collaborate on Microsoft Office files. Dropbox actually announced an official partnership with Microsoft a few months ago, but with both companies offering cloud storage to consumers, they’re also competing against each other to store files and folders on our behalf — don’t forget, Microsoft has its own note-taking platform in the form of OneNote.

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