DT Giveaway: OnePlus 2 smartphone

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Wouldn’t holiday shopping be a lot more fun if you didn’t have to, you know, pay for stuff? We thought so too. That’s why we’re giving away some of our favorite gadgets – from drones to smartphones – for the eight days leading up to Christmas. Enter to win as many giveaways as you want, and don’t forget to keep checking back as new contests open up every day!

The OnePlus 2 is a smartphone dark horse. Its looks aren’t anything special, and the price is deceptively low; but inside is the very latest technology, including all the specs you’d find on a flagship smartphone and nearly pure Android.

It may not have the instant brand appeal of a Samsung or HTC phone, but OnePlus oozes cool, and the company takes pride in being different from the rest. The OnePlus 2 is fast, capable, and comes with a fingerprint sensor and a USB Type-C charging port. Its flagship specs and great low price makes it highly desirable, and no-one will regret adopting the OnePlus 2 as their daily digital companion. Contest over

WINNER: Ephraim L.