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The Edge Moto Mod on Indiegogo gives your Moto Z an LED notification strip

edge moto mod x
Looking for an easier way to see what kinds of notifications you have? If you are a Moto Z owner, you may be in luck — the latest Moto Mod to hit Indiegogo adds a strip of LED lighting around the edge of the Moto Z that pulses to tell you exactly what kinds of notifications you’re getting.

Using the Moto Mod, which is called Edge, you will be able to set the color you want for each notification type — so, for example, you can set Gmail to have red notifications, games to have green notifications, and so on.

The features on offer by the Moto Mod go beyond that, too — you will be able to set profiles for different times of day, unique lighting patterns, and more. Not only that, but the device can notify you when your battery needs charging and when it is charging, the LED light will increase in brightness to alert you to how full the battery is.

Of course, you may not need to charge the device as often as you otherwise would — the Mod also comes with a 2,000mAh battery pack or a wireless charging contact pad — so you can either opt for extra battery life or wireless charging capabilities. No matter which option you go for, the device will set you back $59. The battery pack version is called the Edge Force, while the wireless charging pad version is called the Edge Air.

The funding goal for the Indiegogo campaign is $15,000 and at the time of this writing, it had already raised more than $4,000. If it ends up reaching the goal in a month, you can expect to get yours in July. While the cheapest option, $49, has sold out, you can currently get it for $55 — although once the campaign is over it will cost the full $59.

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