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Endless Jabber keeps your conversations going on any device

endless jabber keeps conversations going away phone endlessjabber
We love technology that makes our lives easier. Some people call us “lazy,” but we like to think of ourselves as “convenience connoisseurs.” Our latest find for a service that saves us time is Endless Jabber, a texting protocol that takes conversations from Android devices and allows the texting to continue just about anywhere thanks to apps, web extensions, and a browser-based interface.

Endless Jabber syncs conversations across all platforms — phone, computer, and tablet — to keep the conversation fluid and continuous on any screen. It’s not the first application to offer such a service and iOS users will note a similar syncing functionality is promised for the latest update to iOS 8 and OS X, but it’s the wide reach and rich features that make Endless Jabber a noteworthy competitor in the field.

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Set up came pretty easily. You just need to download the Endless Jabber app for Android and either the Chrome or Firefox extension, depending on your browser of choice. Endless Jabber syncs via the Web, so as long as there’s an Internet connection, your conversations will be up to date on all your devices. The Web browser interface, while plain, is impressively quick. When synced up to a phone with “Jabber Mode,” the web app and smartphone have a persistent connection to the Endless Jabber servers, so texts send off from the Web as fast as they would from the phone. We’ve used Motorola Connect in the past and noticed the occasional delay when sending from the Chrome extension, so Jabber Mode makes Endless Jabber even more tempting.

There is also compatibility for XMPP client integration, a welcome addition for frequent chatters who keep conversations in a chat client like Trillian or Pidgin. It takes a little bit of time to configure it and the end result isn’t quite as pretty as one would hope, with contacts displayed in email format — the phone number of the sender followed by “” — but it gets the job done.

That’s not to say Endless Jabber has other options beat on all fronts. Motorola Connect shows us the signal power and battery life on our Motorola smartphone, while Endless Jabber only shows if a phone is charging. It also locks up some of its features at a premium level, requiring a monthly subscription for full access. Included in that $2 a month package is the previously mentioned Jabber Mode and a message scheduler that will send out texts at an indicated time.

The primary features that one would want from Endless Jabber can be had without dipping into your wallet. Really, that’s what Endless Jabber is all about — keeping your hands out of your pockets. You won’t have to dig for your phone because you can just text from your computer’s keyboard. It’s a convenient service that is simple enough to set up and put to use. Endless Jabber is also currently raising funds on Kickstarter and is already past its goal, but you can contribute to meet stretch goals or grab some perks.

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