Endomondo takes on RunKeeper with new Pebble smartwatch app

endomondo releases pebble smartwatch app workout

Despite the Pebble being on sale for some time, and apps such as RunKeeper already exploiting its abilities, popular fitness app Endomondo has launched a dedicated Pebble app. It will be released inside the smartwatch’s own store later today, but initially, it’s only going to be iPhone owners who’ll be able to enjoy using it. Don’t worry, Android support is promised for later in the year.

To get up and running (sorry) with Endomondo on your Pebble, ensure the app installed on your iPhone is the latest version available, then pop over to the Pebble store and download the tiny smartwatch app. Once it’s synced, it’ll be possible to start, stop, and pause your workout from the watch, without having to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Additionally, the app will display three different sets of data – the distance you’ve run, your heart rate (provided you have a heart rate monitor), and the amount of time you spend working out in total. For every mile or lap you complete, the Pebble will vibrate, and give a quick rundown of how you’re doing.

Endomondo’s approach to Pebble integration differs from RunKeeper’s. The latter uses a companion app, rather than a Watchapp, and displays your average pace, time, and distance travelled. It’s only possible to pause your workout, and not start or stop. RunKeeper does have the advantage of being compatible with both iOS and Android though.

If you’re a Pebble-owning Endomondo user, or want to be, then you’ll need to sport an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or an iPhone 5S. Anything earlier, and the app won’t cooperate. The new app should be released inside Pebble’s app store at 10am Pacific time on July 2.