Verizon employees arrested for stealing naked photos from a woman’s phone

Blackberry hidden from view

Two very foolish Verizon employees are under indictment after allegedly copying and distributing nude photographs of an attractive female customer to coworkers and another customer.

The Verizon store that employed the pair was in Bartow, Florida. Joshua Stuart, 24, was helping a young woman — a local server — backup the personal data on her smartphone. However, in the process he allegedly copied some nude photos the girl had stored on her phone to his own device, without her knowledge or consent.

He would have got away with it too if he hadn’t decided to share the photos with colleagues and a customer. Stuart was in the process of helping another customer — a local bartender — purchase an upgrade when he offered to show him “banging pictures” of the woman he’d stolen from. He couldn’t locate them on the computer so he asked fellow employee, Gregory Lampert, 26, to show the man his copy of the photos.

However, unbeknownst to the Verizon employees attempting to show off those “banging” nudes, the bartender was friends with the woman in the photos and told her what had happened right away. The cops were contacted shortly after.

It was written in the police report that the photos were quite graphic and “very private in nature and several depict her breasts and vagina.” The woman in the photos was able to identify the Verizon employees and assure authorities that she did not consent to sharing her personal files.

The bartender who was shown the photos was also able to identify the two employees and told police he had been shown 21 of the 22 stolen photos, both very bad things for the Verizon workers.

As you may have suspected, when the police were able to search the offending store, they found the images on a laptop and two smartphones that belonged to Lampert. No doubt knowing he was caught, Lampert confessed to receiving the photos from Stuart. Lampert also told police that he had stolen images himself from other customer’s in the past.

Lampert has been charged with felony, specifically offenses against computer users and dealing in stolen property. Stuart will also be charged if (or when) he returns to Florida as he fled the state once he’d realized he would be charged. We’re betting that will definitely not help his case in the slightest.

Has this ever happened to you? Had a service provider’s employee stealing personal information? Do you even let them access your device for backup purposes or do you prefer to perform that task on your own?