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Evernote releases beloved foodie app for Android

evernote food

Evernote, the all-things-memory app, has found a niche demographic among foodies. The Evernote Food application was introduced for iOS last year, a big draw for users that wanted to bring a little organization to their food notes. Today Evernote Food is finally coming to Android, with all the great features that allowed users to capture and share their food memories.

Evernote has been watching its users’ habits, which is why it started targeting foodies in the first place. In fact, Kasey Fleisher Hickey, editor at Evernote, revealed during Digital Dumbo’s DD:Impact event, that the company had recognized that many of its users were sharing their food experiences with the platform and decided to part out a separate feature for this activities.

evernote food for androidThe Android app’s interface, like the iOS app, remains easy on the eyes yet intuitive, and the app’s features are straightforward. Foodies can snap photos of their meals, and add captions to help users remember all the important details. With the realization that “smarter” data is becoming the future of food tech, the app encourages users to add meta data to the images. After capturing the image and including a caption, users can title, tag, and add additional context to their experience by further providing the location or restaurant, powered by Foursquare’s API.

Users can browse through their images in a scrollable list, or share out any of their created content with their social networks. Like the iOS app, the memories captured on the Android app sync to the user’s Evernote account to display related notes or experiences, whether it’s a related recipe saved in the platform or other meals eaten at the same location.

“The app has already become an invaluable dining companion for those eating out, cooking in, counting calories, or exploring their way through new destinations bite by bite,” Evernote said in a statement.

The food-sharing meme has become a big one — most of your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds are likely full of your friends’ meals-time photos. But Evernote takes all this data and actually makes it useful instead of just simply novel. 

Evernote Food can be downloaded for free in the Google Play store.

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