Exploding iPods And iPhones?

Exploding iPods And iPhones?

Most recently it’s been a French teenager who was injured when his girlfriend’s iPhone exploded. But lately there’s also been a report from the UK of an exploding iPod Touch, while KIRO TV in Seattle found 15 people complaining of burns and fire-related iPod incidents.

According to Marie-Dominique Kolega, who spoke to AFP, her French son was hit by the iPhone, which made a hissing noise prior to exploding.

"My son was frightened but he did not lose an eye," she said, noting she’d contacted Apple.

Meanwhile, according to The Times, Ken Stanborough in England said his daughter’s iPod Touch also made a hissing sound before shooting several feet into the air. He contacted Apple about the incident, and claims the company said they’d give him a refund – but only if he signed an agreement not to discuss what happened.

KIRO TV in Seattle has had reporters trawling through a Concumer Product Commission document, according to The Register, and it came up with some 15 fire and burn-related iPod incidents. The station claims Apple has tried to suppress the report.