Now you can host a virtual yard sale on Facebook with its new buy and sell feature

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Have you tried to sell unwanted items on eBay, but didn’t have any luck getting rid of them? Well, for some Facebook users, today is their lucky day, because Facebook is making it easier to get rid of unwanted second-hand items. The social network is expanding its search tool and adding category filters. Similar to eBay, Facebook lets users browse through categories including Appliances, Event Tickets, Household Items, Mobile Phones, Real Estate, Rentals, and more.

For some Facebook users, the new selling feature will appear next to the “Write Post” button on select Facebook Groups, according to the Next Web. Just like selling an item on eBay, users will need to share a description of what’s for sale, upload pictures, and add pick up/delivery options. Once you post the item for sale, other Facebook users can comment with offers. Facebook explains “any transaction made through Facebook Group is between the buyer and the seller.”


Sellers can mark posts as Available or Sold and view items they’ve previously sold. To start using the new features available in For Sale Groups, admins need to fill out the For Sale Facebook Groups Interest Form.

The new Sell feature was originally spotted during pilot testing back in December. The company confirmed they were working on the new feature in selective Facebook Groups.

Unfortunately, as of right now, Facebook still needs to make a number of improvements to the new Sell feature. As of right now, buyers can only find a particular item of interest on the Web. It’s also challenging to send private messages to members who are selling items on Facebook.

Over the next few months, Facebook will continue to introduce new features to make it easy to help people connect in the For Sale Group community. The new features will be available across iOS, Android, and the Web.

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