Facebook knows what you did last summer, introduces flashback feature to remind you

facebooks on this day feature lets users block unwanted memories onthisday
Do you remember what you were doing this time last year? Facebook does, and it wants to remind you with its newest feature. Dubbed “On This Day,” it will take you back in time to see what you posted in the past.

On This Day will begin its roll out today and make its way into your Facebook feed by the end of the week. It will be available online, an icon on the bookmark bar, using the search bar, or via stories in your news feed. Mobile users on iOS and Android will have the ability to opt in to notifications from On This Day. Desktop users can also subscribe to daily notifications that will show them something they shared on Facebook years ago.

What will you see? Simple – daily blasts from the past. If you shared a photo of yourself and some friends two years ago today, Facebook will bring it back up so you can feel a bit of nostalgia for that moment. You’ll also see status updates, posts from friends, and posts that you’ve been tagged in.

Of course, there’s always the chance that Facebook will accidentally trigger some memories you’d rather stayed forgotten. If that happens, don’t despair, it’s easy to delete or edit the post, giving you the ability to retroactively touch up your life.

But this is Facebook, where it’s appropriate to share the best things in life, and you’ll be able to share those On This Day special moments with your friends. It presents a great way to relive the best parts of your past and look back on forgotten times and forgotten friends. Facebook is all about connecting, so what better way to get people to connect than by getting them back in touch with their friends and family via flashback?

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