This website claims it can find out who your true soulmate is on Facebook

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Do you want to know who your soulmate is on Facebook? A new site called Captain Quizz analyzes your Facebook friends list and can find out who you’re destined to be with forever based on information from your friends’ profiles and your own.

To take the quiz, you will need to give the app access to your Facebook account. When you get to that screen, you can simply click on the blue button that says, “Find out who your true soulmate is,” and you will instantly get results.

“Captain Quizz analyzes your friend list, posts, and likes to find out who your real soulmate is,” the website explains. So in theory, your soulmate should be the person with whom you have the most in common when it comes to Likes, comments, and other factors on Facebook.

There’s just one problem: According to Captain Quizz, my true soulmate isn’t my husband. It’s my mother-in-law.


Captain Quizz shared this messages along with the results, “You share a lot with this person and he/she definitely has a very high opinion of you and you two get along very well.” While all of this is certainly true — my mother-in-law is pretty awesome, and we do get along well — Captain Quizz’s results are obviously a little skewed.

You can refresh the quiz to see if you get different results, but every time we retook the quiz or asked others to take it, surprising results popped up, including distant acquaintances and even close relatives. Clearly, there’s more to a soulmate than similar Likes and Facebook posts.

Even though Captain Quizz may not exactly pair you up with your “true soulmate,” it’s fun to take the quiz regardless. Captain Quizz also has a number of other fun quizzes, much like BuzzFeed, including, “Which Video Games Character Would You Be?”, “Which South Park Character Are You?”, and “Which Character From the Beauty And the Beast Are You?”

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