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Doodlers rejoice! Paper, the popular iPad drawing app, now available on iPhones

Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone 6 Plus, fans of FiftyThree’s iPad drawing app Paper have been clamoring for its release on iPhone. Now, just ahead of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus’ official release in stores, FiftyThree has brought Paper to iPhone. The iPhone version of Paper works just like the original iPad app, but it’s designed specifically for the smaller screen. The end result is an amazing digital notebook that doubles as a scrapbook and canvas. You can jot down notes, sketch out ideas, create a digital masterpiece, annotate photos, and make diagrams.

You can categorize your sketches and place them in different “Spaces,” so if you’ve got a selection of notes for a particular project or class, you can keep them all in one Space. Each Space is private by default, but you can always share your ideas on Mix, FiftyThree’s creative community and artistic social network. Paper on iPhone is the ultimate note-taking and sketching app, and it’s the first that can more or less replace your Moleskin notebook. Any doodles, notes, diagrams, or lists you’d normally pop in a small paper notebook can be created and stored in Paper. Now that it’s in your iPhone and not your iPad, Paper is an even better notebook — it’s more portable, and you’re almost 100 percent guaranteed to carry it with you every day.

The only thing you’ll need to bring along is your stylus, and while FiftyThree’s Pencil is still a great option, Adonit has many small, portable styli that work almost as well with Paper. In our brief tests of the app, we found that a more finely tipped stylus worked best with Paper on the iPhone, just because of the smaller screen.

Paper will obviously continue to work on the iPad, too, and now that the iPad Pro is coming, it’ll likely see a lot more use from a wide variety of users. The iPhone version is for note-takers and sketchers on the go, while the iPad app is for those who want to sit down and create on a big screen. If you’re interested in Paper, you can download it on the iOS App Store.

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