First Android Wear apps appear in Google Play Store

Android Wear hands on

Android Wear has been a long time coming, but now it’s finally here. A new update to the Google Play Store added several performance improvements and, more importantly, an special page for Android Wear apps. Although there are only 24 available for the platform right now, a lot of them are brand-name apps.

The first app you’ll want to install is obviously Google’s Android Wear. This app helps connect your wearable to your smartphone, control your voice command settings, and decide which notifications you receive on your device. Next, you’ll probably want to install Hangouts and Maps, so that you can send messages from your wrist and check directions without having to pull of your phone every two seconds.

The rest of the Android Wear apps are from third-party developers. You can learn languages on your smartwatch with the ever popular Duolingo app, check the forecast with the 1Weather widget, or manage your finances with Level Money. Foodies will love the Eat 24 Food Delivery and Allthecooks recipe apps and those with chronic wanderlust can check their flight status with the Delta and American Airlines apps.

News Junkies will want to download the Reuters and Guardian apps, while those who can’t get enough of the World Cup, should get the Onefootball Brazil app immediately for real-time updates and goal alerts. If you’re just dying to make a call from your smartwatch like Dick Tracy, you can also download the Talkray free calls and text app. There’s also a radio and apartment hunting app, as well as a few location-sharing apps.

Over all, Google’s first smattering of Android Wear apps is diverse and most of them seem like they could be useful to have on your wrist. Of course, you’ll have to actually test them out to see just how well-designed and effective the apps really are on a smartwatch.