First wireless multimedia chat

It is now possible to charge users for multimedia messages delivered to their handsets via reversed billed SMS.

Emanuel Peters, Director of Business Development for mBill said, “We have seen a significant increase in our premium rate SMS volumes since the launch of this new service.”

The multimedia composer and transaction engine made available by Liquid Air Lab, combined with the mBill billing platform, enabled mBill to integrate an existing SMS chat application with a multimedia messaging component.

This new product has delivered a richer and more interactive experience to SMS users. Now, with the ability to view animations and chat with others in real time, it is expected that users will frequently engage in SMS chat which will encourage higher message volumes.

Mikko Linnamäki, CEO of Liquid Air Lab said, “We are very excited about the potential of this new multimedia SMS chat application. We believe it will inspire further growth in the multimedia messaging sector.”

The multimedia messaging component will be rolled out to existing clients in the coming months.

mBill expects the release of this product to further stimulate messaging volumes in the premium rate services industry; thereby ensuring high revenues for our clients and further software licensing opportunities.