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Apple is launching Fitness+, a workout and exercise service

Apple announced Fitness+ at its event on Tuesday, a fitness and exercise service that links to your Apple Watch.

The workout service will sync workouts between an Apple Watch and your Apple devices — such as Apple TVs, iPads, and iPhone —  with guided exercises from trainers with on-screen stats. The Apple Watch will feed info back onto your screen based on how you’re doing, and even give you encouragement as you near the end of the exercises

When trainers point out information or instructions, the data will be highlighted on the screen and your watch, Apple said in its announcement.

The service will feature 10 types of workouts, including yoga, cycling, dance, treadmill running and walking, strength, core, and mindful cooldowns. Apple said most workouts will only require a set of dumbells or no equipment at all.

The service will cost $10 per month or $80 for a year. Fitness+ will be available by the end of the year in select countries. Anyone who buys a new Apple Watch will get three months of the service for free.

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