Stretch your muscles, not your budget with the new FitStar Yoga app

fitstar standalone yoga app 05
During the summer, FitStar stretched its curriculum to include some yoga, and now it’s branching out further with a dedicated, standalone yoga app. Yoga guru and Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles leads you through flowing, fully customizable yoga workouts for people of all skill levels.

The standalone FitStar Yoga app includes many of the same features found in the yoga portion of the regular FitStar app. Stiles leads each video workout, presented in full HD, and you can choose to exercise for anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes. If you happen to have an Apple TV, you can even stream the video from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen. Those who like a little music with their yoga can choose audio tracks or stream their own music.

Stiles and the FitStar team have put together personalized workouts made up of 300 yoga poses. Users can design their own yoga flow or choose from a series of eight custom made freestyle sessions, including a 20-minute relaxation session called “Before Bedtime,” and another 15-minutes flexibility workout called “The Flexible 15.” Additionally, FitStar says it’ll update the app frequently with more poses and additional freestyle sessions.

The app will adapt to suit your needs based on the feedback you give it, and the routines will gradually grow harder as your skill level advances.  Sensibly, FitStar has worked in a few incentives to encourage you to keep coming back. As you progress and learn, you’ll unlock badges, new poses, and extra sessions. Should you want to see more tangible results, FitStar yoga also syncs up with FitBit, Jawbone UP, MyFitnessPal, and the iOS Health app.

However, perhaps the best part of the FitStar Yoga app is its price. At $40 a year, it’s significantly cheaper than your typical annual yoga class subscription. You can subscribe for one month, which costs $8, but clearly, the annual subscription is the better deal. If you only want to do yoga and aren’t interested in the other workouts FitStar’s main app offers, FitStar Yoga may be just the ticket. The app itself is free in the iOS App Store.

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