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Fleksy adds 15+ new languages to Android beta, plans 40 for iOS 8 launch

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The Fleksy keyboard is well known for its easy-to-use interface and super accurate prediction software. Now that the company has added more than a dozen more languages, it’s also one of the keyboard apps with the best support for multilingual people.

Fleksy has been working on upping its language count for some time now and it plans to add many more in the near future. This latest batch of language additions includes oft-requested ones such as Norwegian, Catalan, Hebrew, Croatian, and Romanian. Fleksy also added multiple regional language variations, including English (UK), Brazilian Portuguese, French Canadian, and Latin American Spanish. The company expects to add Arabic to its next group of languages.

Fleksy is gearing up for its big iOS 8 launch this fall and says that it’s already on track to offer more than 40 languages on both the iOS and Android apps.

“Today’s update represents a major, cross-platform engineering milestone for us. We are excited to confirm that are on schedule to support a total of over 40 languages, for both Android and iOS, out of beta by this fall” Kosta Eleftheriou, Founder and CEO of Fleksy, in a statement.

In order to stay in the great keyboard race, Fleksy must continue to add languages to its apps. SwiftKey, Minuum, and other alternative keyboard apps also offer support for a wide range of languages.

“Keyboards are the type of app that you need to have in your language to use it,” Founder and COO of Fleksy, Ioannis Verdelis told Digital Trends. “We have a huge focus on the international markets, which even before tomorrow’s update constitute well over 2/3 of our downloads. Our goal is to launch on iOS with 40 languages in fall, all out of beta. All the language work we are doing is cross platform, so Android users will see those same languages rolling out too.”

In addition, Fleksy announced that its first update to the Messenger app for Samsung’s Gear smartwatch will roll out to users on July 10. The update adds several minor bug fixes and overall performance enhancements. Fleksy also hinted that it has more in store for wearables coming in the near future, though it did not offer any details on the subject.

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