Flipboard magazines a hit – half a million created in the last two weeks

flipboard magazinesFlipboard’s recently launched magazine feature is evidently a hit with users, with more than half a million magazines created since it rolled out at the end of March.

The feature, which lets you pull content – including articles, photos, video and audio – from across the Web to create your own personalized flippable magazine, came as part of version 2.0 of the popular news-reading app, released for iOS users on March 27 (an updated Android version with the same feature should be coming soon).

Since then, another three million people around the world have downloaded Flipboard to their mobile device, bringing the Silicon Valley startup’s user base to an impressive 53 million.

An infographic released by the company on Thursday revealed the top five countries creating magazines to be the US, the UK, Canada, Japan and Spain. Of course, it’s all very well everyone compiling their own magazines, but not much good if no one is taking the time to read them – however, it seems Flipboard users are taking a healthy interest, with over half of all users who’ve upgraded to v2.0 taking the time to read one or more magazines on a daily basis.

Among magazines created by Flipboard publishers, The Esquire Interviews is the biggest hit, with The Beatles (from Rolling Stone), Home How-Tos (Martha Stewart Living), and Photo of the Day (National Geographic) also in the top 10.

As for what the ordinary Joe is creating and publishing using the new feature, in top spot is The Interesting Things (by Ken Kercado Jr), which, as its name cleverly suggests, is a collection of interesting things (in Ken’s opinion, at least), tech mag AppFreakz (by Tom Bruno), and Lee Rodgers’ photography-related Life Behind Glass.

While many users of the magazine feature utilize it as a bookmarking tool, keeping the curated content private, many are clearly enjoying creating magazines across a broad range of subjects to share with others around the world.

Have you found any decent Flipboard magazines worth a mention?