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Florida murder suspect asked Siri how to hide a body, then used flashlight app 9 times

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From going to Instagram to boast about your illegal gun business to leaving a taunt on a police department’s Facebook page, there is no shortage of stupid criminals. While murder suspect Pedro Bravo didn’t turn to social media, he still reached high levels of stupidity when he asked Siri on advice as to how to hide a body, reports KIRO TV.

Bravo is accused of killing his roommate, Christian Aguilar, back in 2012. According to prosecutors, Bravo asked Siri “I need to hide my roommate.” Records also showed that Bravo used the LED light on the iPhone nine times in 48 minutes during the night of the murder, with location data from the iPhone not matching where Bravo claimed to be that night.

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In the past, if you asked Siri where’s a good place to hide a body, Siri would answer by asking, “What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps.” Nowadays though, if you ask Siri the same question, it would answer by asking, “What, again?”

While the evidence might seem circumstantial, it certainly doesn’t bode well for Bravo. His trial is set to wrap up later this week.

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