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Now you can call an Uber in Foursquare to take you to that new burger joint

Foursquare 8.0
Surprising partnerships between app makers keep popping up, and the latest one is betwixt Foursquare and Uber. Now, you can call an Uber car right inside the Foursquare app to take you to the venue of your choosing. Deep-linking startup Button provided the tech needed to set up the connection between the two apps.

Essentially, the idea is that if you’re browsing through restaurants and other venues on Foursquare, you might find one you like, and then order an Uber car to take you there. Now, in areas where everyone has a car, this may not seem all too wise, but in big cities, it could prove useful. Alternatively, if you just don’t want to drive that night or the family car is unavailable, the Uber option could be a godsend.

When you find the venue you want on Foursquare, you’ll see a Ride there with Uber button, right under the Order delivery option on the information page. A window will then pop up with your Uber options, price estimates, and your expected travel time to the destination.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.22.13 AM

“Using Button simplified the process of integrating Uber into Foursquare,” Noah Weiss, SVP of Product Management at Foursquare, said. “With a few lines of code we were able to create a seamless experience when requesting an Uber built directly into our app, saving us time and effort.”

The feature is live on iPhone, iPad, and Android phone and tablets. The promo code FOURSQUARE will get you a discount on your first ride.

Button said that it hopes to add similar deep links to other apps in the near future. Imagine if airline apps had an Uber button in the section where you check in for your flight, for example. Uber has already partnered with United to offer a similar service when it opened its API to third-party developers.

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