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FreedomPop launches free monthly iPhone-only plan, for those who don’t use much data

iPhone 6S hands on
Jeff Van Camp/Digital Trends
Price conscious carrier FreedomPop has introduced a new set of iPhone-only monthly plans, providing a low cost, low-use alternative to the major network names for new iPhone owners. The announcement comes just ahead of the iPhone 6S’s release, and at a time when Apple has drawn attention to alternative ways to buy a new phone with its iPhone Upgrade Program.

There are two plans for new iPhone owners to choose from, based on either normal use or basic use, and both require a 6 or 6S to be activated on FreedomPop’s network. For $19 per month iPhone owners will get 1GB of data to use, plus unlimited calls and texts, and the first month will be completely free.

FreedomPop stands out thanks to its entirely free phone plans. That’s right, absolutely nothing to pay unless you go over your quota, which for low demand use is still relatively generous. For the grand total of zero each month, FreedomPop’s iPhone-only plan provides 500MB of data, 500 texts, and 200 minutes. It won’t suit anyone who streams music or video, but it’ll work if you only check emails or occasionally browse the Internet.

Activate your iPhone on the free plan and FreedomPop will add a hefty 5GB of data to your account, and free international calls to 62 different countries. It’s not clear how long the 5GB will last, or if it’ll sit in the FreedomPop bank until it’s needed; but even if it’s for three months, that’s still a great deal.

To get one of these iPhone plans means you’ll already have to own an iPhone, but if you don’t, and can wait until sometime in October, FreedomPop will sell you an iPhone 6S too. There’s no word on price of the final launch date yet.

The announcement of FreedomPop’s new iPhone plans in the U.S. coincides with the official launch of its network in the UK, where it has seen 250,000 people signup for the beta service since May.

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