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G-Shock’s first 40th anniversary watches glow in the dark

Casio is beginning its 40th-anniversary celebration of the G-Shock brand early and in a typically eye-catching way. The first two special edition “Flare Red” watches have been launched in anticipation of the actual anniversary, which isn’t until April 2023. The one we’re most interested in is the Bluetooth-equipped MTG-B3000FR, which is joined by the Mudmaster GWG-2040FR. What makes them special? A unique luminous bezel.

Casio G-Shock's Flare Red 40th anniversary watches.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

G-Shock always impresses with its use of clever techniques to make the bezel on its watches stand out, and this may be the most audacious yet. Made from carbon and colored glass fiber sheets, the magic comes from phosphorescent particles mixed into the glass fiber which glow in the dark. On the Mudmaster, this continues down the lugs. The process means the pattern is unique on each watch, and it’s designed to resemble solar flares, hence the Flare Red series name.

The MTG-B3000FR is based on the most recently announced MTG G-Shock, and it’s the thinnest yet, although only by 2 millimeters. The Bluetooth connection links with your Android or iOS phone through the Casio Watches app and provides automatic time adjustment, a simple way to set alarms and the world time, plus a phone finder and a health check for the watch.

The MTG watch isn’t a smartwatch, it’s a connected watch, and the features just make using the watch normally a little easier and quicker than using the buttons on the case. It’s also one of G-Shock’s more luxurious models and has been hand-assembled in Casio’s special factory in Yamagata, Japan. The MTG-B3000FR uses G-Shock’s Tough Solar feature that will see a fully charged internal battery last for about five months even if the watch doesn’t see light during that time. It also has 200 meters of water resistance and G-Shock’s Triple G Resist system for shock resistance, centrifugal force resistance, and vibration resistance. For this, you do have to wear a 51mm x 50mm cased watch that weighs 115 grams.

Bluetooth isn’t a feature on the Mudmaster, but you do get shock and mud resistance along with 200 meters of water resistance, plus a compass, barometer, thermometer, and an altimeter. It also uses Tough Solar for power, and like the MTG Flare Red watch, has Casio’s MultiBand 6 radio frequency time adjustment. This is a true tough watch and is a great traditional watch alternative to the Apple Watch Ultra.

Casio G-Shock's Flare Red 40th anniversary watches.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

On the back of both Flare Red G-Shock watches is a newly designed 40th-anniversary logo, created by graffiti artist and long-time G-Shock collaborator Eric Haze. Look out for a motif with four stars too, symbolizing the 40th anniversary. Both Flare Red watches will launch globally on October 27, with U.S. prices to follow, although expect it to be more than the basic $950 price of the standard MTG-B3000. In the U.K. the MTG-B3000FR will cost 1,300 British pounds and the GWG-2040FR will be 950 pounds.

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