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Broken smartphone? This handy $20 toolkit could help put it right

When one of your gadgets suffers damage or stops working, do you trash it, take it to the repair shop, or try to mend it yourself?

With so many resources out there for DIY fixers – from YouTube to a slew of specialist websites – many gadget repairs can be carried out these days without too much effort or experience. Complete the task by yourself and you’ll not only save yourself a few bucks, but also be left with a warm feeling of satisfaction at having sorted the issue unaided.

So if you’ve a steady hand, an inquisitive mind, and the confidence to take apart your faulty gadget, then you might want to consider this useful-looking toolkit from iFixit.


The Essential Electronics Toolkit, launched by the gadget repair and teardown specialist this week, features everything you need to get inside your tech. And it only costs $20.

“Fix your iPhone. Upgrade your laptop. Swap out a dead battery. Repair your drone. Tighten your door handle. Take apart your blender. Adjust your eyeglasses,” iFixit says on its website, adding, “Seriously. You can tackle just about every precision job on your to-do list with this kit.”

In the box you’ll find a magnetized driver handle with 16 driver bits for the vast majority of today’s common electronics. There’s also a useful suction handle for lifting off smartphone and tablet displays, and a jimmy that’ll “easily slip between the tightest gaps in the toughest devices.” It also includes an opening tool, picks for scraping and prying open housings, angled precision tweezers, a spudger for disconnecting cables, and a lid with a built-in sorting tray to help you stay organized.

iFixit also offers the Pro Tech Toolkit at the more expensive price of $65. As you’d expect, it comes with a few additional tools, though it seems like its handy Essential kit will have you covered for most of the fiddly jobs you take on, saving you from spending out more on the pricier alternative.

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