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Galaxy S4 ad says Samsung is for college grads and cool dads, iPhone is for old folks

Galaxy S4 commercial

Say what you want about Samsung; its ads have been damn effective at making the Galaxy phones look a lot cooler than most things on the market. Earlier commercials poked fun at Apple fans waiting in line, but these days, Samsung barely needs to insult its biggest rival to prove a point. In these new Galaxy S4 ads, there’s only a small line or two about the iPhone, but it works really well. 

If you’re too lazy to watch the commercial (or hate moving video), here’s the gist: A somewhat douchy college graduate is holding a pool party, where he spends most of his time pointing out all the cool features of his new phone. He brags about how good the camera is and waves his hand over the phone to answer it – stuff like that. Some other young, hip girl is taking pictures with a GS4 and transfers them to another Galaxy by ‘bumping’ the phones together (Android Beam). But when older folks with iPhones (her parents?) want to bump, no dice. The iPhone can’t transfer files via NFC, nor does it contain such technology. “Some smart phones are smarter than other smartphones” is the big lesson we learn. Oh, and the GS4 can turn on your TV. Douchy college grad comes back to show us that. His dad thinks it’s pretty rad.

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Of course, none of these features work as well as Samsung advertises and most people probably won’t ever use any of them, but they do make the Galaxy S4 look cool. Who wouldn’t want a phone that can control your TV? It sounds great, right?

It’s difficult to tell the difference between a Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3, but with ads like these, it’s not hard to see why Samsung has become a major player. Apple, you need to think up a new ad campaign.

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