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The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a random reboot problem and nobody knows why

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
With the launch of any new tech product — especially one as unique and innovative as Samsung’s Galaxy S8 — there are bound to be some hiccups. Since the phone’s launch last week, we have heard about some of them, relating to red-tinted displays and wireless charging. Now, it seems a growing number of users are running into a more serious issue: Random reboots.

A thread on Samsung’s Community help forum — first called attention to by Android Authority — reveals pages of replies from owners of Samsung’s latest flagship reporting restarts that seemingly occur out of nowhere. What is more, many of these are not infrequent instances; the individual who opened the thread reports seven reboots in the first 10 hours, while another estimates it has happened to them about a dozen times in the past week.

The video below depicts four reboots in three minutes, looping one after another so quickly that the owner is unable to unlock the device before they occur. Some users who have been able to get back into their phones have reported reorganized home screens.

As a result, many have tried hard resets and returning their devices to factory settings. While those methods have provided relief for a few individuals, they do not appear to be working for everyone. Several customers have complained of exchanging their phones through their carrier or retailer, only to find that the issue still persists on the new device.

There is speculation as to what might be causing the reboots, with no obvious culprit. It appears that, for some, the issue is accompanied by the Galaxy S8 having difficulty carrying over contents on an inserted microSD card. Some believe that particular apps or data might be incompatible or corrupted — though without an official statement from Samsung at the time of this writing, everything we have to go on now is conjecture.

Has your new Galaxy S8 been plagued by random reboots? If so, how and when are they happening? Have you been able to remedy the situation? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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