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The Galaxy Z Fold 4 could be getting the S22 Ultra’s S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, the next-gen Samsung foldable, could get an S Pen slot built right into the body of the smartphone. In 2021, the company brought S Pen capabilities to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but it didn’t give an S Pen slot (like that found on the Note series) to the two devices. Samsung diminished the lines between the S and Note flagship series by bringing the S Pen slot to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and it seems like the feature is making its way to the next Galaxy foldable.

According to The Elec, Samsung has finalized its plans for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 to include a designated S Pen slot in the foldable phone. It will be an upgrade over the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which had support for the S Pen, which had to be stored in a cover, which sells as a separate accessory. The S Pen is also likely to come in the box with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, since it will be stored in the smartphone itself.

A person removes the S Pen from the Galaxy S22 Ultra.
With the S22 Ultra, Samsung brought back the S Pen.

While the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is selling more than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the introduction of S Pen slot on the Fold 4 could mean better sales for the bigger foldable. This would mean that Galaxy Note fans who bought their devices for productivity enabled by the S Pen could be encouraged to grab the Fold 4 for its larger canvas now that the inconvenience of having to stow the pen somewhere else is removed.

The report also goes on to say that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 could have a slightly different screen size than its predecessor. On the front, you could get a 6.19-inch display rather than the Fold 3’s 6.2-inch screen. Meanwhile, the internal foldable display might go from 7.55-inch to 7.56-inch. A smaller external display hints at a slightly shorter and wider screen that could mean fewer typos while messaging via the external screen. It would also be more similar to Oppo’s Find N, perhaps hinting at standardization of the foldable form factor.

The company could launch the Galaxy Z Fold 4 alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 3 in the last quarter of 2022. Samsung is said to be aiming to ship around 13 million foldable phones this year.

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