Garmin Adds Bluetooth to nuvi Line

Garmin yesterday announced new European and American versions of its popular nuvi GPS-enable device. The nuvi 310 and 360 add Bluetooth functionality to their feature set and are expected to be available in June.

The nuvi 310 and nuvi 360, said Garmin, incorporate Bluetooth so that users can integrate the devices with their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones for hands-free calling via an integrated microphone and speaker. Users will be able to dial numbers through the nuvi’s touchscreen keypad, look-up and dial numbers from their personalized phone books or from the phone’s call history log and look-up and dial numbers from the nuvi’s built-in points of interest database.

Other features of the nuvi devices include full GPS functionality (European regional maps on the 310, full European or North American maps on the nuvi 360) with three-dimensional automatic routing and turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions that speak street names, MP3 playback, Audible audio book playback, a theft prevention system and optional language and travel software.

“The nuvi is quickly becoming a ‘must-have’ among travelers because it combines numerous technologies and makes it possible to streamline the number of devices carried when traveling,” said Gary Kelley, vice president of marketing for Garmin International, in a statement. “The integration of Bluetooth Wireless Technology with nuvi is yet another feature that sets it apart from other GPS units on today’s market.”