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Garmin Enduro GPS Watch boasts an incredible 65 days of battery life

Think about your average smartwatch. What kind of battery life does it have? If you’re an Apple Watch user, you likely have to plug in your watch when you go to bed at night — or at the very least, every other night. The new Garmin Enduro GPS Watch is designed to blow all other battery life out of the water with its 65-day capacity.

The Enduro GPS Watch is designed for ultra-endurance and high-performance in even the most extreme conditions, but it is specifically tailored for endurance athletes. Ultrarunners and long-distance cyclists can go for days at a time knowing their watch will keep up with them. The Enduro does this not through tremendous battery capacity, but by using a Power Glass solar charging lens to extend the battery life for up to two months through the power of the sun.

The Enduro is also tailor-made for athletes. It can track VO2 max levels and automatically adjust for trail conditions, such as the heat level and elevation. It provides an accurate reading of cardiovascular fitness levels and can help athletes know when they are running out of steam. A built-in ascent planner called ClimbPro helps you plan ahead for different hikes, including distance, elevation, and gradient.

Another feature called the Rest Timer helps you measure how much time you spend at aid and rest stations during marathons. This provides runners with a better idea of their total time and areas where they might be able to increase their overall times.

A built-in recovery timer will automatically suggest how long your body should rest after an intense workout. The timer measures energy spent and workout intensity and provides wearers with feedback to help them adequately heal before they push their limits again. If you’re a mountain biker, the Garmin Enduro can provide you with feedback like specialized grit and flow measurements, rate the difficulty of the trail, and track the total time of your descent. It tracks your record for you so you know what time to beat on the next ride.

Even if you aren’t taking part in extreme sports, the Garmin Enduro has advanced sensors that can benefit the everyday person. It tracks your heart rate and other important vitals like sleep quality and includes Garmin’s Body Battery feature. In theory, this helps measure your body’s overall energy levels to help you schedule workouts.

The most impressive feature of the Enduro is the inReach Mini satellite communicator. This allows users to stay connected and send messages to friends and family via satellite, even when they are outside of cell service areas. The GPS allows the wearer to be found at all times, even when they are far from civilization. It’s a watch that combines utility with safety when it’s most needed.

The Garmin Enduro is set to retail for $800 to $900 and is available for purchase now.

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