Garmin Unveils New iQue GPS Pocket PC

Garmin, a maker of GPS devices for various consumer markets, today unveiled the iQue M4, the company’s latest GPS-enabled Pocket PC. This personal digital assistant is expected to be available in December for $699.99.

Garmin said the iQue M4 will come pre-loaded with North American street data of the entire United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. It borrows from its larger StreetPilot siblings for the interface and on-screen navigation options, including touch screen by finger. Voice turn by turn directions to specific, manually entered addresses or pre-selected points of interest from the nearly six million stored in the M4’s database are given.

Other features of the iQue M4 include full PocketPC functionality through Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, 64MB of RAM, a SD/SDIO expansion card slot and wireless networking.

“The M4’s pre-loaded maps and Pocket PC features make it a versatile tool for mobile professionals who need an all-in-one device designed to help them stay ahead of their schedule and on route to their next appointment,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s vice president, marketing, in a statement.