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Get Stacked’s new audio solutions and get rid of all your wires for the iPhone

2016 may sound the death knell for wires everywhere — at least, if the folks at Stacked have anything to say about it. The Los Angeles-based company, which first made a name for itself by creating the world’s first wireless charging ecosystem for the iPhone, the Stack Pack, is back at it with some brand new innovations. And this time, they’re bringing wireless speakers to the table at the Consumers Electronics Show. Meet the Audio Dock and Boost Speaker, two new solutions designed for use alongside the Stack Pack, which promise to cut cords, eliminate wires, and all around simplify the lives of their users.

Going beyond the magnetic charging technology that powers its wireless iPhone docking station, the Audio Dock by Stacked is meant to help consumers lead even more efficient, organized lives at the workplace, eliminating the need for landlines, conference call systems, and the like. The dock provides users with a handy speaker system, either for calls or music, all while charging your iPhone.

With its integrated 2,000mAh charge base that connects magnetically with the Stack Pack, you’ll never have to worry about your phone dying mid-sentence ever again. And thanks to its 30mm drivers, you’ll never have to ask anyone to repeat what they just said, either.

The Boost Speakers, meanwhile, connect magnetically to a Stack Pack, turning your entire phone into a portable Bluetooth sound system. Again using two 30mm drivers to amplify the sound of your iPhone, this integrated solution ensures that you don’t have to carry a separate set of speakers to turn up the volume. And thanks to the built-in kickstand, you can watch Netflix or that all-important game on your tiny screen with some big sound.

You can get an Audio Dock for $80 at, and can choose among three colors in selecting the Boost Speakers for $60, and you’ll never be inconvenienced by wires again.

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