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This iPhone case, which looks like a giant isopod, is sure to terrify everyone you meet

There are thousands of iPhone cases on sale in the world, in all different shapes and sizes, with all different types of design, from cute, to silly, to stylish and minimalistic. However, rarely does anyone make an iPhone case which looks like it came from a David Cronenberg film, but in Japan, that’s exactly what has happened. It’s an iPhone case based on a giant isopod, and it’s utterly terrifying.

Spotted by Engadget Japan, the case is a limited edition, and costs the equivalent of $30, but apparently cost more than twice that to produce. Clearly, the company didn’t think many people would hand over so much money for something that would haunt their nightmares.

From the top, the isopod case looks frighteningly realistic, and underneath things get even worse, for the creature clutches your iPhone in its clawed legs. It’s bad enough just looking at the thing when it’s on a table, but imagine picking it up and holding it against the side of your face. You wouldn’t be able to see what it was about to do next.

There’s a story behind the case’s ultra-realistic look. Apparently, it’s modeled after “Isopod No.1,” a famous guest at the Toba Aquarium on the Mie Prefecture in Japan. The creature sadly died earlier this year, after refusing to eat for an astonishing five years. Now, fans of Isopod No.1 can ensure he’s with them all the time.

However, if you’re in the market for an iPhone case which scares small children, then you may already be too late to grab this one. The special edition case, produced by Isopod No.1’s aquarium and a Japanese mobile network, is limited to just 1,000 piece, and were only sold at an exclusive event in Chiba, Japan recently.

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