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Giftagram takes the hassle out of buying gifts — but keeps a personal touch

giftagram gift buying app
Giving gifts can sometimes be a hassle. Sure, its a pleasure to get your significant other something for their birthday, but who wants to go gift shopping for their second cousin that they hardly know? Luckily, for those situations, there’s Giftagram.

Giftagram essentially takes the hassle out of finding gifts, allowing you to find and send self-chosen gifts to anyone in the U.S. with the tap of a finger.

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The way it works is pretty easy: Simply browse through the products on the list, then check out. You’ll need to enter the email address of the person receiving the gift, who will then receive an email asking for their preferred shipping address. Of course, the actual gift won’t be revealed until they open the package. Gifts normally arrive in three to five business days. There is a ton of gifts available, many from top brands — including Four Seasons Hotels, Juice Served Here, Sugarfina, and so on. Of course, not everything is available through the app — if you have an idea for a specific gift, you may have to use Amazon instead.

“We essentially compressed down the entire purchase flow to eliminate all of the unnecessary steps … Rather than going from store to store and to the post office to ship, Giftagram has done the hard digging for you so you can sort through the best of the best products,” co-founder and CEO Jason Reid told Digital Trends.


If all this sounds a bit impersonal, Giftagram begs to differ. The company suggests that Giftagram makes things more personal. Because of how busy our lives are, people tend to end up simply buying a card or a voucher. With Giftagram, you still find something that you think would fit the person you’re buying for, ensuring that there’s still a lot of thought that goes into the process.

“Cash, checks, gift cards, and even social media posts have taken over the gifting experience because of the time it saves. We’re still saving you the time, but we’re putting the thought back into the process,” continued Reid.

Giftagram isn’t just about consumers, it’s also about brands — brands are able to join the process and have their products available for people to buy from the app. Ron Robinson, for example, was just added in the last week.

Giftagram perhaps isn’t for you if most of your friends and family live close-by — traditional online shopping, or, *shudder* real shopping, will be fine for that. But if you have friends and family who live somewhere else in the U.S., it really could make gift-giving a lot easier — and a lot more personal. If you are interested in Giftagram, there is an iOS and Android version. Once downloaded, enter the promo code DIGITALTRENDS20 to get $20 off your first Giftagram.

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