Vengeful girlfriend sends cheating ex’s Apple devices to a watery grave

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Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, there are people who love their Apple gadgets. There are also those who cheat on their significant others. If you happen to fall into both camps, you’d might want to steer away from this Japanese woman.

The unnamed girlfriend was understandably heartbroken when she learned that her boyfriend was cheating on her. As a way to get some revenge, she took his Apple collection — which included an iMac, several MacBooks, several iPads, and many iPhones, along with different accessories — and gave them a nice wash in the bathtub, reports the Daily Mail.

She took a picture of the casualties and sent it to the cheating boyfriend, who proceeded to post the images on his Twitter page:

Japanese Twitter user @Allocer90 alluded to what is going on in these images for those whose Japanese is pretty rough:

For the most part, everyone approved of the woman’s methods and the ex boyfriend got little to no sympathy online.

Ladies and gentlemen, you should always think twice about cheating on your significant other, but this proves you should really think about it if you have a wide assortment of not-so-cheap gadgets sitting within arm’s reach of your vengeful ex. There’s no amount of rice in the world that will bring these gadgets back to life, and the same goes for your soul if you decide to cheat.